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Thank you for visiting my website, a collection of my favourite images taken over the last few years.

I have always been interested in Photography which I studied at college during the days of film! I began to take Photography more seriously again in 2013 following the purchase my first DSLR. I am always aware of the influence of light, and many of my photographs are taken either early mornings or late evenings. I am fascinated by the constantly changing colours, looking to capture the scene at the best moment.

I have always lived in Bewdley, Worcestershire and feel lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and a variety of interesting architecture. You will also see a gallery featuring steam trains which I also find an interesting subject to photograph. I am always looking for new locations, but do have favourite places which I like to revisit at different times of the year. Most of my photographs are taken locally, but you will also see some which I have taken on my travels.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos, and if you are interested in purchasing any prints please feel free to contact me.

Zorki 4K

Zorki 4K

My first camera. The Zorki 4k was manufactured in Russian betwen 1972 and 1978. The 35mm rangefinder camera came with a 50mm f2 Jupiter lens.

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